The Friends of AIDS Foundation is committed to providing cutting edge programs and services to those impacted by the HIV pandemic. We strive to create, implement, and monitor innovative and effective programs that enhance the quality of life for HIV positive individuals and empower people to make healthy choices to prevent the spread of the HIV virus.

  • ADVOCACY/ ACTIVISM - We advocate for people living with HIV/AIDS who encounter barriers in accessing services. We also build awareness to increase community participation in policy making and political issues relating to HIV/AIDS.

  • COMMUNITY OUTREACH - We distribute educational materials and harm reduction supplies to individuals throughout the world.

  • HIV PREVENTION EDUCATION - We offer HIV prevention education presentations internationally.

  • HIV TESTING & COUNSELING - We offer free HIV Testing and Counseling in collaboration with various agencies internationally.

  • PREVENTION FOR POSITIVES (P4P) - This program is designed to help HIV positive individuals achieve and maintain physical, sexual, and emotional health and prevent the spread of HIV.

  • THE REAL STORIES, REAL PEOPLE Project - This is an online program that aims to advocate the elimination of stigma associated with HIV/AIDS among the general public, help increase public understanding of HIV/AIDS and people infected/affected by the virus and reduce the transmission rates. CLICK HERE

  • SUPPORT GROUPS - We offer weekly support groups internationally, where HIV positive individuals can explore their feelings and address issues that are important to them while in a safe and non judgmental environment.

  • THE HOOK UP - This program focuses on the lifestyles of people into the club scene. We establish a regular presence in nightclubs and address the issues around sex, alcohol, drugs, and condom use.

  • WORKSHOPS - We offer a variety of workshops internationally that are designed to enhance the quality of life for HIV positive individuals.

  • YEP! (Youth Empowerment Program) - This program offers an innovative approach that educates, motivates and empowers young people to make healthy choices to prevent the transmission of HIV.

  • 12 STEP RECOVERY - We assist individuals seeking recovery from alcohol and substance abuse.

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